Any visitor traveling to Montreal city is guaranteed a forgettable and unmatched experience. The Montreal travel guide will help you discover everything that the city offers. You will have an opportunity to tour the global-famous Underground city for entertainment and shopping or walk up Mount Royal.

Besides, you will get to visit more than thirty museums for exploration and education experience. The guide will help you get the best dining restaurant where you will have the nightlife fun along with the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood.

Montreal offers popular summer festivals, nightlife, and restaurants that best fit travelers’ needs. The city also has multiple direct flights to and from Europe, Latin America, the US, and Canadian cities for travelers to connect to multiple flights from Toronto easily. The city is served by bus and train services from the US and parts of Canada.

For any traveler planning to visit Montreal, it is advisable to contact Tourism Montreal, a formal website of Montreal Tourism. Here, you will be enriched with details about Montreal city, targeted itineraries, and a calendar of events, hotels, transportation, shopping, and sports.

Smoking is not allowed in public places, office premises, shopping malls, bars, and public transportation. In Montreal, buying tobacco and alcoholic beverages is only allowed for people above 18. An international driving license is a must for travelers from other countries apart from the US.

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