Montreal is one city popularly known for offering the best settings for bicycle riding in North America. According to Bicycling magazine, Montreal was top-ranked as the best bicycle-friendly city. The city offers hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths around the area and the neighboring regions. Montreal also has extensive systems of bicycle trails that extend around the region. This is why the Montreal BIXI bike-sharing program has recently become famous.

BIXI is the new name for Montreal’s bicycle sharing program. BIXI comes from the words “bicycle” and “taxi.” Montreal’s BIXI was channeled on the bike-sharing programs in Europe, specifically in the VĂ©lib network in Paris. The system normally has more than 5000 bicycles for rental on a short-term basis around downtown Montreal.

The BIXI stations are about 400, which are 300 meters apart. This makes it easy for the users to pick up a bicycle and return it to the other station. The network is currently people’s favorite due to its short-trip designs and economical way of traveling in the city. The good thing with this bicycle system is that it operates for twenty-four hours from April until November.

What’s more, this system offers the first thirty minutes free. The BIXI bicycle sharing program was initiated in 2009. It is currently attracting more people because of its easy use and convenience features.

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