Smokers who shifted to vaping appreciate the many advantages that an e-cigarette offers: non-clinging smoke odors, compact yet modern designs, and the convenience of using it almost anywhere. If you’re an e-cigarette user smoker and you have an upcoming trip abroad, you might probably think about bringing along your device to keep yourself from becoming homesick.

However, some airlines from different parts of the world have imposed stricter smoking laws, and such tighter regulations regarding vape use could subsequently affect your favorite diversion. So, how will you manage to puff on your e-cig once you are overseas?

You don’t have to worry anymore because this guide will serve as your ultimate reference on lighting up your vape in the right place at the right time.

Bringing Your Vape Along

While preparing for your much-awaited travel abroad, have enough room in your carry-on luggage for your vape. You need to keep in mind to check the lithium-ion batteries for any visible damage since they could easily catch fire once dented.

Regarding vape refills, you may carry these items in checked luggage. Some airlines may impose explicit policies on refills inside this piece of luggage. For refills in hand luggage, ensure that they are under 100mL and inside a transparent plastic bag.

Vaporizing at the Airport

The standard e-cigarette smoking policy in the United Kingdom, for example, is that travelers can take a drag of vapor at any dedicated smoking area outside an airport – not within any terminals. Checking certain airports before the scheduled travel, though, is a must.

Vaping Inside the Plane

Unfortunately, as tempting as smoking on an airplane may sound, most airlines prohibit such activity. Airlines impose huge fines and heavy penalties for those who will get caught inhaling aboard.

Airline Policy Compliance

Electronic cigarette smoking policies may vary from one airline to another. Virgin Atlantic, for instance, states that travelers can bring their vapes on an airplane, but they cannot vape while onboard.

International Laws and Restrictions

Regulations on vape use are subject to change, and e-cig smoking etiquette may differ between nations.

As an illustration, Singapore and Thailand completely ban visitors from puffing on vapor in their countries; In Malaysia, foreigners cannot use their vapes unless they have nicotine-free e-cigarette liquids (e-liquids).

Purchasing Vape Refills Abroad

Once you have the momentary freedom to use your e-cigarette during your faraway holiday, congratulate yourself because you can purchase e-liquid or vape juice nearby. Still, it’s vital to know the local e-cigarette smoking regulations as they will determine your ability to buy or bring vape refills on your vacation.

If you find out that your destination country will prohibit you from buying e-liquid refills, prepare a sufficient number of refills before your trip.


The most important things about achieving leisurely and personal enjoyment are to choose your travel destination thoughtfully and check the vaping policies for your airline and destination country. Lastly, if you encounter no issues while doing so, make sure you’ve got enough e-liquids refills, so you won’t run out of vape juice.

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