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The Montreal Casino

The Montreal Casino, also the Casino de Montréal, is situated at Parc Jean-Drapeau, opposite the Old Port of Montreal. This casino is the largest in Canada, and one of the top ten ranked largest casinos internationally.
The major building of the casino has five floors with escalators and elevators at the center. The Casino de Montréal has three premises where two of which used to be the French and Québec pavilions of Expo 67. The casino also offers 120 gaming tables and 3,000 slot devices with a capacity of around 4,000 people.
There are also some facilities in the casino, such as a lounge, banquet and meeting …


Bonsecours Market Marche Bonsecours

Montreal’s Bonsecours Market is highly recognized throughout Old Montreal, also known as the Marché Bonsecours building. The Bonsecours Market building is known for its beauty and historic sites. It shares the name of the nearby church Notre-Dame de Bonsecours, also called the sailor’s church.
The building has been a public market, a meeting hall, Montreal’s city hall, a Parliament of Lower Canada, and a concert hall for a while. You can comfortably shop in the market stock everything ranging from Inuit art and local jewelry to lavish Canadian beaver coats.
The Marché Bonsecours was initially …

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Christmas Holidays in Montreal

Spending your next Christmas holidays in Montreal is incomparable as the city comes with its unique beauty. This city is magical, especially during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Multiple events are held in the entire city and the streets, stores, and other venues. During these events, Montreal’s downtown core is decorated in colors of the holiday seasons.
Various activities take place in Montreal city during the Christmas holiday season. Among them include outdoor skating at the Old Port. The Montreal Botanical Gardens and Planetarium has Christmas-themed exhibition features for the seasons. Additionally, different events, fireworks, …

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Bicycles & BIXI Montreal

Montreal is one city popularly known for offering the best settings for bicycle riding in North America. According to Bicycling magazine, Montreal was top-ranked as the best bicycle-friendly city. The city offers hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths around the area and the neighboring regions. Montreal also has extensive systems of bicycle trails that extend around the region. This is why the Montreal BIXI bike-sharing program has recently become famous.
BIXI is the new name for Montreal’s bicycle sharing program. BIXI comes from the words “bicycle” and “taxi.” Montreal’s BIXI was channeled on the bike-sharing programs in …

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Montreal Food Dining

Montreal’s reputation of being the world’s popular food city has lately drawn the attention of multiple international visitors. Dining in Montreal is the best decision one can make as the food city offers limitless choices. The city has unique and popular restaurants and eateries in North America. Montreal offers amazing local spots in Chinatown, which allow visitors to enjoy an exceptional dining experience. 
Food lovers also get an opportunity to access well-established and many new restaurants. Montreal’s cuisine comes at the crossroads of Europe and American cuisine. The restaurants are situated across different regions of Montreal and …