Montreal’s Centre Canadien d’Architecture is also known as the Canadian Centre for Architecture. It is situated in the southwestern corner of downtown Montreal. The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) has two major buildings on 130,000 square feet of the display area. Here, you can access different exhibitions, galleries, bookstores, libraries, theaters, and study centers.

These exhibits are normally committed to applauding and appreciating the architecture. The CCA differs significantly from other museums due to its subject matter. It comes with blueprints, 3-D buildings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The impressive sculpture garden that CCA comes with makes it unique from other traditional museums.

The CCA is also in the category of a museum and research center focusing on landscape design-related exhibits. It pays attention to the buildings and their designs where landscape, urban planning, and architecture designs are displayed. This study and research center offers an array of drawings, photographs, and prints for architects from across the globe to explore. The center accommodates people from all walks of life, even from different professions.

Being a recognized and popular architectural center, CCA has been on the frontline, drawing many global architects’ attention. Here, they learn more about building designs, landscaping, and urban planning. This knowledge is equally important when designing a building and architectural planning.

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