Montreal’s Bonsecours Market is highly recognized throughout Old Montreal, also known as the Marché Bonsecours building. The Bonsecours Market building is known for its beauty and historic sites. It shares the name of the nearby church Notre-Dame de Bonsecours, also called the sailor’s church.

The building has been a public market, a meeting hall, Montreal’s city hall, a Parliament of Lower Canada, and a concert hall for a while. You can comfortably shop in the market stock everything ranging from Inuit art and local jewelry to lavish Canadian beaver coats.

The Marché Bonsecours was initially established in 1847. In 1859, the market became a public market, after which it served as a city hall for around twenty years. The building comes with a large silver dome that attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

The silver dome can be accessible from different regions of Old Montreal, including the Old Port. For many decades, the market has popularly drawn many tourists’ attention because of the cultural heart of Old Montreal. The market also offers some amazing views and sceneries of the Saint Lawrence River.

Here, tourists can get involved in different activities and free exhibitions which normally take place every year. These annual activities normally attract hundreds of tourists from across the globe to learn about Canadian history and do a little shopping.

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